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Diaper Tips

Important Reminders

Changing your baby’s diaper also serve as your bonding time. Just make sure that you are observing the following to ensure baby’s health and safety.

  • Always wipe your baby’s genital from front to back. This will prevent the spreading of bacteria that can cause her urinary tract infection.
  • Newborn babies should be cleaned with wet cotton balls and warm water.
  • If the dirty diaper is a big mess, place a towel or cloth under the baby while still cleaning him or her up.
  • Make sure to also clean the creases and folds of the baby’s buttocks and thighs.
  • For newborn babies that still have the umbilical cord stump, avoid covering the stump until it is completely dried and fallen off.
  • If you notice that the poop or his or her pee is leaking, maybe it’s time to go one size bigger.
  • To avoid getting sprayed with pee, place a wet wipe or another clean diaper on your baby boy’s penis while changing him.

How frequently you will need to change your baby’s diaper depends on you. Usually, they would urinate at least 20 times a day. It will be exhausting on your part if you will change it every two hours but this will prevent him from irritation and rashes.

Remember that changing diapers won’t be forever so enjoy while it last. This is an ideal time for you to connect with your baby by touching him or her, talking to her and playing. It will be more fun if your partner will join you and baby.